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Downtown St. Augustine

City Gates

St Augustine, Florida is a captivating place and is the nation’s oldest city. 42 miles of gorgeous coastline, under the blue skies, are incredibly breathtaking, and when in the air... what a rush. The climate and friendly locals will have you feeling at home any time you visit St. Augustine. Daytona south and Jacksonville north, both with international airports and equal distance to the oldest city, 50 miles or an hour. 

There are so many recreational activities and attractions, that you could not do them all in just one visit to this quintessential town. The city center downtown core is the heart of St Augustine and why it is loved by everyone that comes here.

Planning out your day won't be easy, and will change many times with all the options available. But if you go with the flow and just let your day just happen, it could turn out quite amazing if you make the most of it. If a day on the water, relaxing on the bow of a boat catching some rays in the bay. Have a little party get together on a self-contained patio boat. Jump me wakes on a jet ski. From checking out a cruise on the harbor, or sailing excursions on the Schooner Freedom. If you think you have heard everything, because there is a pirate ship to hang out on with some pirates, or at least the ones that look the part, and where your adventure with a few pirates on an authentic pirate ship, which includes a hunt for treasure. 

If you're feeling off balance after being on the water all day, you may want a motorized type, some wheels.......What about a two seater scoot coupe, golf carts, mopeds can be rented or just stick with pedals and jump on a bicycle. Because who knows what an exciting time to explore, and will be the adventure you will never forget. Other ways to get around town, could be tours with the Green and Red Trains, Pedi-Cabs, Taxi's and other local business owners, such as UBER drivers who are awesome every time fast and convenient. 

Oh how about this adventure zip line across the reptiles at the Alligator Farm.  A Biplane ride, taking in all the breathtaking beauty from the air, that will be one of your most remembered moments and will take your breath away and your hat on your head if you are not careful. The local beach communities are also a great place to relax and just hang with not a care in the world.  Historic Lincolnville is of interest to many, and also an idea for many walking tours, historic markers, statuary, as well as, endless interesting historical facts and stories about the historic area of town.Take a step back in time wandering through St Augustine's 16-century cobblestoned narrow streets.  St. Augustine offers a whole lot of options for places to play, rest, dine, where to shop and experience every cultural attraction all within walking distance to everything and the city blocks are not only scenic but are friendly for thousands of visitors daily. With so many unique and diverse regions of St Augustine, it won't be tough to discover something new each time you visit. Trust us you haven't even scratched the surface of this incredible place called St. Augustine, Florida, the nation's oldest city.