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St. Augustine EST. 1565 Celebrating 450 Years

1565 450th Commemoration is a proud Alliance Partner of the Official St. Augustine 450th Commemoration.

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Gay Demographic, LGBT Travelers Visitors

The creation of is in response to the demand created by the rapidly growing number of LGBTQ visitors to St Augustine, as well as in response to the needs of local LGBTQ residents, seeking a resource to discover friendly businesses and other opportunities within the community. While ALL visitors and locals will likely find informative, useful and interesting. Research shows it is especially important to the LGBTQ community to know which businesses most welcome their patronage.


High Incomes & “Consumerist” Attitudes…


According to recent travel industry market research, LGBTQ households have one of the highest disposable incomes of any niche market. With the average US gay and lesbian household income being $81,500. per year; almost 80% above the average US household income of $46,326.  The same research also shows the surveyed LGBTQ households as having consumer spending habits much than US averages.With such high levels of disposable income, it’s no surprise that tourism experts further point out, the average economic impact of LGBTQ travel in the US alone exceeds $70 billion annually.  With the LGBTQ communities worldwide impact well exceeding $165 billion per year.


How much business do you want?


With 7 million + visitors a year and the numbers growing, statically, nearly 850,000 + of St. Augustine’s annual visitors are likely to be members of the LGBTQ community, with some estimates being even higher.


The most influential factors in attracting LGBTQ business, and repeat business, include; the recommendation of friends, unique attractions/business offerings and feeling as if LGBTQ business is welcomed.   Research has further proven that LGBTQ consumers as well as their families and friends, are over 10 times more likely to patronize a business that has directly marketed to the LGBTQ demographic, than one that has not.


Also worth noting; Gay and Lesbian travelers are seeking new and interesting travel choices; nearly 100% use the internet for destination research as well as travel related planning, including; accommodations, shopping and dining.


If interested in learning how to attract more St Augustine visitors to your place of business, please feel free to contact Emery McClune to learn about the many affordable advertising opportunities with

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St. Augustine 450th Commemoration is a proud Alliance Partner of the Official St. Augustine 450th Commemoration.